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Websites aren't projects for us, they're our passion.

Enclave Digital was born 10 years ago, inside a high school classroom. What started as a high school credit transformed into a design agency focused on creating the best websites possible. Here at Enclave, everyone on our team is dedicated to their craft. Our designers, coders, and everyone else, is passionate about their field, and gives their all on every project.

We pride ourselves on standing out from the competition. No re-used templates or low quality websites. Every Enclave designed site is built from the ground up, and is viewed as a piece of art rather than an ordinary website. We focus on your goals, instead of ours.

So once everything is said and done, and your site is ready to launch, rest assured you’re being delivered more than just a website. You’re getting the keys to unlimited growth for your business.

Charlotte Web Design Enclave Digital

Why Enclave Digital?

There are hundreds if not thousands of web design agencies operating today. What makes Enclave Digital any different?

Hands on Experience.

Our team falls into the Gen Z category, meaning we all grew up with technology at our fingertips. We’re very comfortable with all the tech we use, and know the best practices when it comes to designing for modern marketing.

Remarkable Visuals.

Your customers want an online experience when they visit a site. They want to be wowed, and leave your site feeling excited and invigorated. We take the extra time to make your site stand out from the competitions, and show your audience you mean business.


Most agencies design your website solely for updated looks, and don’t give a second thought as to why a business needs a web presence. We work with you to discover what your goals are for your business, and how your new website can help you achieve them.


What to expect
working with us.

1. Strategy

We start every project with a One-on-One Consultation to find out more about you, your business, and your goals for growth. Here, we take a close look at your current web presence, diagnose the problems, and prescribe the solution.

2. Research

Once we have a crystal clear understanding of your business, we get to work. Looking at competition, market trends, and anything else we need to ensure your website captures attention. Once this information has been collected, we present our initial concept.

3. Design

After all the puzzle pieces have been collected, we assemble them. This includes building a wireframe of your website, fleshing our visuals and text, and optimizing the site for all screens. All under your guidance and supervision along the way.

4. Launch

Finally, once all the bugs have been ironed out and everything is assembled, we launch your site. From here, you continue managing your company, and we take care of the website. Any changes, issues, or other updates can be quickly and easily addressed by our team.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our clients and market with the best web design services possible, focusing on design and return on investment over profits and quick turnarounds.

Our Vision:

To revolutionize the web design industry, by not compromising on visuals and functionality over cost, and delivering results based projects that help businesses grow.

Charlotte Web Design Enclave Digital

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